What is Sic Bo payout rate?

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What is Sic Bo payout rate at UFABET ? Sic bo payout rate is 1 time of the bet amount.  Where the high point is 11-18 points, and the low point is 3-10 points.

Toad 2 numbers are chosen to bet on 2 numbers. For example, bet 3 and 5 if the dice turn out to have numbers 3-5 You will receive money at 5 times the amount that was bet.

Even-odd bet will choose to bet on the total score of the dice whether. It will be an odd or even score. which the rate for the payout is 1 time of the bet.

The amount Will bet on dice that have the same points for both children. For example, out of 6 points, the amount of 2 balls, which the payout rate will be 8 times the amount of.

If Bet that the number of the dice comes out as well as 3 children. Which should be the number that we choose to bet only which the payout rate is 180 times the amount actually wagered.

The total bet, the total bet is to predict whether the points of the 3 dice will come out duplicated. Which can be any number. The rate for the payout is 24 times the bet amount,

Bet the number of points, it will predict the total points of the 3 dice.

The following payout rates

  • 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 odds for payout are 6 times bet amount
  • 8 , 13 payout odds are 8 times bet amount
  • 7 , 14 payout odds are 12 times bets Betting amount
  • 6 , 15 odds for payout is 14 times bet amount
  • 5 , 16 odds for payout is 18 times bet amount
  • 4 , 17 odds for payout is 50 times balance. gambling money