Restrictions on filler injections.

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Before filler injections The doctor will evaluate the suitability of the type of filler to be used. So that the results of the filler injection will be effective and cause minimal side effects. Those who will undergo filler injections should be healthy, non-smokers, and mature enough to understand. That the results may not be as desired and can accept various risks or complications. That may occur as a result

However, fillers are limited in that they cannot be used to enhance breasts, hips, or sculpt the feet. including injections into the bone muscle tendon or muscle. UFABET The procedure must be performed by a medical professional only. Because if injected in the wrong position, it may cause the filler to clog the blood vessels. And may cause necrosis or blindness if injected near the eyes.

Precautions for injecting filler.

Filler injections may not be suitable for people with certain health conditions as follows:

  • People with inflammatory or infected skin problems, such as acne, rashes, or hives  , should not have filler injections until these inflammatory conditions have resolved.
  • People who are allergic to any compounds that are ingredients in fillers, such as collagen, animal products, lidocaine, as well as bacteria.
  • People with severe allergic reactions or a history of acute allergic reactions.
  • People who have problems with excessive bleeding. This includes people who have problems with blood vessels, joints, or tendons that affect the hands. In the case where filler must be injected into the hand area as well.