How to bet on Sic Bo online to make money

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How to bet on Sic Bo online to make money ?As for how to bet on UFABET Sic Bo online to make money, the reality is not difficult at all. Because betting on Sic Bo will emphasize the facts more. Let’s just think that we’re sitting at home with Sic Bo. Because the terms of Sic Bo online are similar to normal Sic Bo. It’s just that it’s even better that Sic Bo is online.

 There is a higher payout rate. In which for each dice bet, you do not need to use any complicated formulas. Use only luck and look at the possibilities from the statistics. That’s it, you will be able to win Sic Bo very comfortably. And if you still can’t play It’s not difficult Because every play has a clear explanation. Don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to play. In addition, you can also bet in many different ways, including high-low bets, favorite bets, Toad, and Kong, etc. Each type of bet will have different payouts.

Detailed online Sic Bo payout rates

In addition to this, the payout rate of the Sic Bo game has many more. The Hi-Lo rate bill is as much as 150 times, with detailed payment rates as follows:

Three boundaries of thang tong prototype

Three boundary bets are bets, numbers 1 through 6 points, only the result can be any number.

for example (Tang on three boundaries, 3 dice, 3 same numbers, for example 1,1,1 wins 24 times the money

A specific type of triple thrust

Three fixed bets mean a fixed number bet, 3 dice must match the bet placed, the must be 1,1,1/2,2,2/3,3,3 etc.

for example (special triple bet, 3 dice, 3 same number dice, for example 1,1,1 wins 150 times

Total number of points bet form

Betting on the total amount of points is betting on numbers. Each number has different payout rates as follows:

4 or 17 points, the sum of the 3 dice has 4 or 17 points, wins 50 times the payout,
5 or 16 points, the sum of the 3 dice has 5 or 16 points. Win 18 times money
6 or 15 points Sum of 3 dice points 6 or 15 points Win 14 times money
7 or 14 points Sum 3 dice points 7 or 14 points Win 12 times
8 or 13 points Result The sum of the 3 dice has 8 or 13 points, wins 8 times the money
9, 10, 11 or 12 points. The sum of the 3 dice has 9, 10, 11 or 12 points, and wins 6 times the money.