How to play Sic Bo online UFABET

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How to play Sic Bo online UFABET. By placing bets on UFABET ‘s Sic Bo online. There are many types of bettors. Player have chosen to place a bet And it has the following format:

1. Teng Teng style

The favorite bet is a form of betting on points 1 to 6, or people in the dice circle are called points 1, it will be involved if the dice that are rolled out 1 of 3 and any ball Out the points you bet You will get 1 times the amount, or 1:1.

2. Taeng Tod style

in the form of the manner in which to bet on points. It will be similar to the favorite bet. But will bet 2 points at a time if 2 out of 3 dice must come out as The points that you have bet, even if you guessed correctly. For example If you bet on tables 2 and 3, if the lid is opened and results 2-3-5, it is considered that you bet correctly. But if it is 2-4-5 or 3-4-6. It considere that you guessed correctly but 1 point and it will become. You place the wrong bet because in that table bet would be at risk. But the compensation will be higher as well. in the table Can make money up to 5 times or 1:5

3. High-low bet pattern

The form of high-low bets, it will be stabbing. Points of all 3 dice, which if The total points are between 3 points and 10 points, it is that the dice that come out as low points. But if the total points are between 12 points and 18 points. It call high points in the form of high / low bets will receive a payout of 1 time, which is 1:1.

4. 11 Sic Bo betting patterns

The form of betting or placing bets on all 3 dice and the result is 11. Which people in the Sic Bo betting industry are called 11 Sic Bo and 11 Sic Bo points are very difficult points. Because it is the points that are issued. It is necessary to complete 11 exactly. It is indispensable. If anyone bets on 11 Sic Bo and all 3 dice come out to be 11 points, they will receive 5 times the stake, or 1:5.