Philippe Coutinho celebrates the return of the real Samba beat Paraguay 4-0

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Aston Villa playmaker Philippe Coutinho has paid tribute to Brazil head coach Titi. Who sent him to start for the first time since October 2020. Scoring one goal to help Samba beat Paraguay 4-0 to maintain a 15-game unbeaten run in FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifying rounds.

2022 World Cup qualifiers 

South America

Brazil 4 – Paraguay 0 

Scorers : 1-0 Rafinha at .28 , 2-0 Coutinho at .62, 3-0 Anthony at .86 , 4-0 Rodrygo at .88.

Stadium : Estadio Governador Magalhaes Pinto , Belo Horizonte , Brazil.  

Brazil has turned around quite a bit. But the offensive UFABET game still has ‘ Coutie ‘ forming the game in support of Vinicius Junior on the left. While Paraguay emphasizes tightness leaving Carlos Gonzalez as a target spear .

In the first 10 minutes.

 Brazil sent the ball into the bottom of the net twice. But was completely forfeited by VAR, who thought it had been handballed first.  

Until the 28th minute , ‘ Samba ‘ took the lead until 1-0 . Marquinhos placed long from the middle of the field across the defensive line to Rafinha in the right frame, dressed the ball down one time and smashed through the block back into the first post. until the first half, this result  

Returning to play in the second half in the 62nd minute , the hosts fled to 2-0 . When the push came to the half of the field , the same Marquinhos stabbed up in front for Coutinho to get the ball around the skull and put his feet to spin from 23 yards, the ball curve. sag under the beam  

Then gradually changed, but the game of ‘ Seleçao ‘ continued in the 86th minute , tearing it to 3-0 , two reserves Everton Ribeiro paid to Anthony in the right frame, dressed in the left foot, and then turned the curve. far pole  

Two minutes before the end of time, Brazil closed the box 4-0 , set up from the counterattack for Rodrigo, another reserve snatched from the left to the right. Then passed the ball through the channel 2-3 times, dropped to Bruno Guimaraes in the right frame. Then slapped the night , Rodrygo fell to shoot pointlessly.  

Finished the game. Brazil smashed 4-0  is still the leader of the crowd, sticking for only 3 more games without losing, will create history for the first country to kick off the World Cup qualifying round , South America , complete 18 games without defeat.