Sociedad withdrew from talking to Donny.

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Donny van de Beek is too expensive for Real Sociedad and the famous Basque team are also worried about the player’s fitness. So they are close to withdrawing from the midfielder. The Dutch come from Manchester United.

Mundo Deportivo Reports on Wednesday said Real Sociedad were close to pulling out of talks with Manchester United over Donny van de Beek. Citing financial concerns and fitness concerns of the players. 

Real Sociedad are looking to find a replacement for David Silva after the 37-year-old midfielder announced his retirement from a serious knee injury. And one of the goals of the famous Basque team is Van de Beck. A reserve midfielder for Manchester United.  UFABET.

However, after a period of negotiations. Real Sociedad are close to pulling out of the talks, citing financial and fitness reasons. With La Real believing the cost of signing Van De Beek is expensive. And they are also skeptical about the 26-year-old’s condition after injuries sustained over the past year. 

Since moving to Manchester United in 2020. Van de Beek has not been able to show as good a form as when he played for Ajax Amsterdam. He and the “Red Devils” have been quite dark over the past few years.