Dominic Sobozlai gives a clear update on his readiness.

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Dominik Sobozlai, Liverpool midfielder, Reveal the latest progress in getting. His fitness back on the field after being injur and missing. The action for the Liverpool in the last two games.

Sobozlai, a Hungarian national team star. Play his last league game earlier this month for Liverpool. Defeating Newcastle 4-2, When he was substituted midway through. the second half for Ryan Grafenberg. go down to take over.

Due to a muscle problem in the back of his thigh. The former RB Leipzig captain was unable to play two games for Liverpool, after. Which they knock Arsenal out of the third round of the FA Cup With a score of 2-0. And the Carabao Cup semi-final game, the first match of which the home team beat Fulham 2-1 last Wednesday.

Until recently on January 11th, the handsome football trader. Who won the National Athlete of the Year award for the second year in a row reveal. His opportunity to return to the field for the Liverpool fans to know clearly. Report by

At the same time, Sobozlai revealed that he is ready to play on the right side to replace Mo Salah. Who also left to serve the country due to his playing days in the Bundesliga. He is responsible for the same area for Leipzig. Sikh

Liverpool use It’s only been a few days since negotiations. With Leipzig open and a deal was finalized to bring Szoboszlai to Anfield. Along with giving the number 8 shirt. Which is the old number of Steven Gerrard, the former midfielder captain of the Liverpool team,

Sobo’s stats aren’t bad at all for a player who isn’t yet out of his prime as a star. He also has a decorated championship, having won the Austrian league championship. With Red Bull Salzburg 4 times and the DFB Pokal trophy 2 times with Leipzig.